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Continuing Education Course on Carbon Forestry

Posted on: 20 Oct 2016 / Submitted by: Silvia

The Institute of Forest Sciences at University of Freiburg offers in cooperation with UNIQUE Forestry, ForestFinest Consulting, and the Gold Standard Foundation a 3-week course in Carbon Forestry in January/February 2017.

The sequestration of carbon by forests and soils is one of the most important terrestrial ecosystem services. Professionals are needed with competencies in project development for land-use based mitigation and with knowledge of related climate policy instruments at national and international levels. Participants of this module will learn the basics to develop and evaluate such greenhouse mitigation projects. Project design documents of different types of land-use based carbon projects (REDD+, A/R, agroforestry & soils) will be analyzed and validated in groups with presentations, plenum discussions and guest lectures. Using a local case study, participants will quantify C pools in afforested plantations in the field and it the lab. Furthermore, this module includes excursions and trips to organizations charged with carbon forestry.

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